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  • MS Series Triaxial Horizontal ScreenMS Series Triaxial Horizontal Screen
  • MZA/K Series Circular Vibrating ScreenMZA/K Series Circular Vibrating Screen
  • Rauch Destemmer-Crusher A12

    2000 RAUCH DESTEMMER-CRUSHER A12 – Pacific North West. Stainless steel construction / destemmer basket in polyamid, 20/22mm, can be taken out of the machine by taking off only three bolts. Machine can be used as a crusher only. Adjustable crusher rollers for more or less squeezing of the berries, 0-70mm. Two emergency stop buttons/ dosing ...

  • Destemmers and crushers

    Destemmers and crushers Delta E / F Gentle processing Poured into the hopper, the grapes are then gradually and gently conveyed according to a pre-set destemming speed. In this zone, the cage has no holes and clusters are taken by the beater fingers without bursting the berries or grinding them. In the destemming zone, the holes of the ...

  • Wine Grape crusher destemmer | Polsinelli Enologia

    Grape crusher destemmer (23) Electric grape crusher destemmer (9) Grape crusher destemmer spare parts (13) Manual grape crusher destemmer (1) Grape crushers (11) Hoses (43) Ingredients (23) Kit (8) Machinery (2) Presses (127) Pruning (33) Pumps and filters (63) Sanitizing (11) Tank accessories (78) Taps (147) Vineyard (16) Vinification (1)

  • grape destemmer crusher sale uk united kingdom

    fruit ball mill destemmer - Grape Crusher For Sale Felona Heavy Machinery. Wine Crushers and DeStemmers EC Kraus A strong fruit crusher or grape destemmer is a must for the home winemaking enthusiast EC Kraus offers a wide range of crushersdestemmers for both casual and professional winemakers The right crusher makes short work of hundreds or thousands of pounds of …

  • Tema-i Destemmer Crusher | Criveller Group

    Products » Winery Equipment » Crush Equipment » Destemmer Crushers » Tema-i Destemmer Crusher. Tema-i Destemmer Crusher. The Tema-i destemmer crusher can be used for mechanically or manually picked grapes. Designed for small producers use, the TEMA has some of the main features of our top of the line units, while keeping the price tag low.

  • Destemmer & Crusher — Bucher Vaslin North America

    Destemmer & Crusher | Delta range. Featured. Delta Evolution 2. Bucher Vaslin has developed a new destemming concept for superior protection of the most fragile grape varieties. The objective is to separate grape berries from MOG while keeping their integrity …

  • Crushers and Destemmers | Tallarida Engineering

    Stainless Steel Destemmer-Crusher "Tema-Evo". Loading hopper with feeding auger, beating shaft with rubber coated blades, mechanical speed variator for shaft/drum/feeding auger, crushing unit, electric panel, frame on wheels, Cylinder holes mm 25/22, Tension/Frequency V400 - …

  • Manual Grape Destemmer

    Manual Crusher Destemmer. Stainless hopper. Stems are discarded out the side. Hopper dimensions are 19.5" by 37.5". Manual fly wheel. Made in Italy. Hand cranked crusher/destemmer with STAINLESS STEEL hopper and painted body. Seperates grapes and stems. Hopper opening 31" x 19" Very high quality hopper and rollers.

  • Destemmer crusher

    A short video explaining some of the key features of the destemmer crusher I built.Full plans here:

  • crushers-destemmers

    Jolly 100/60/50 Destemmer-Crushers These units can operate as either 1) destemmer followed by crushing, 2)destemmer only, or 3)crusher only. Frequency Drive: Variable Speed Control and 230 V single phase; Rotation speed of destemming shaft: 0-600 rpm. Rubber rollers mounted below destemmer. Roller spacing adjustable from outside of unit.

  • ENOTOOLS Destemmer Crusher from Carlsen & Associates ...

    The Puleo Vega Series of Destemmer/ Crushers offer many advantages: Ease of Cleaning. Adjustable Height- Destem into 1/2 ton, T- Bin, or Must Sump. 3 Phase or 220V single Phase. Range of capability from 1 to 80 tons per hour. Speed is electronically adjusted- no pulley and knob issues. Basket is pre- ground and polished for genltler result.

  • Electric Grape Crusher Destemmer

     · 9 Parameters of the grape destemmer crusher machine. What is the fresh grape crusher de-stemmer machine. grape crusher. This equipment is a piece of special equipment for small wineries to process fresh grapes. It can be used for the separation of fruit stems, removal of stems and crushing, etc. It is ideal pre-treat processing equipment for ...

  • Crush Pad Equipment : Destemmers

    Grape Crusher Destemmer w/ Auger Stainless Body. $1,650.00. add to cart. Quick View.

  • Crusher Destemmers

    Jolly 40MV Destemmer Crusher With Speed Control. Jolly 25 Motorized Destemmer Only w/ Screw Feed & Must Pump - 3 in. T.C. Italian Crusher Destemmer - Motorized, All Stainless. Italian Crusher Destemmer - Motorized, S/S Hopper & Auger. Italian Crusher Destemmer - Manual, Partially Stainless. Italian Crusher Destemmer - Manual, Painted.

  • Crusher-Destemmer, Manual, Painted

    Crusher/Destemmer, Manual, Painted. This item cannot be ordered online. If the item shows as out of stock, it may be seasonal or on its way. Please call 877.812.1137 To Order and Check Availability. Type:

  • Winery & Professional Destemmers & Crushers

    Destemmer Crusher with Must Collection Hopper (3 - 5 Ton) Price: $10,000.00 + Add to Cart. Zambelli. EMME 120 Destemmer Crusher with Must Collection Hopper (12 - 15 Ton) Price: $14,500.00 + Add to Cart. Zambelli. EMME 200 Destemmer Crusher with Must Collection Hopper (20 - …

  • Grape Crusher Destemmer | Carlsen & Associates

    The construction, electrical technology advancements, and our own unmatched service make these grape crusher-destemmers the best choices for any winery''s crush pad. More than capable of handling any winemaking operation. Puleo Vega 10 Destemmer Crusher. Puleo Vega 25 Destemmer Crusher. Puleo Vega 15 Destemmer Crusher.

  • Crusher and Destemmer

    Crusher and Destemmer - Manual - Painted, Enoitalia. Imported from Italy. This hand-cranked Crusher/Destemmer is perfect for the home winemaker processing small batches or is working in conjunction with friends who don''t mind a little manual work! Stainless steel receiving bin. As the unit is cranked, the grapes are pulled by the agitator into ...

  • Used Grape Destemmers Crushers for sale. Top quality ...

    Destemmer-Crusher Mod.Klassik. Constructed in a robust and compact manner and entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel, it guarantees a high production capacity. The horizontal translation system of the crushing unit and the adjustable opening bel...

  • Used Crusher Destemmers for sale. Bucher equipment & more ...

    Destemmer, Bucher, Mdl E6, S/st, Crusher,Destemmer, Bucher, Mdl E6, S/st, Crusher, Manufacturer: Bucher; Stainless steel Vaslin Bucher Delta E6 Destemmer with Crusher /Roller and associated controls. Includes multiple spare parts including Destemmer fingers, drive shafts, drive belt, and additional rollers. Previousl...

  • Crushers/Destemmers – Davison Winery Supplies

    Crusher/ Destemmer Motorized w/ Large Hopper, Enameled Body. Regular price. $975. View. Crusher/ Destemmer, Motorized w/ Large Hopper. Regular price. $750. View. Crusher/ Destemmer …

  • Crusher / Destemmer – Prospero Equipment Corporation

    GRAPE ELEVATOR N400. For carries the fruits to a desired height to feed into the destemmer or to load into a press. Details.

  • Destemmer-Crushers

    The destemmer-crusher Effe 50 is entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304. This machine is made up of a big loading hopper with feeder auger, a rotation drum and a crushing unit with rubber rollers. A mechanical joint is used to unhook the crushing unit (RF) quickly whenever the crushing phase is not needed. Must collecting tank VRF.

  • Italian Crusher Destemmer

    The crusher destemmer performed very well. I am very happy with the purchase. The length of the electrical cord is a bit short, and would have liked one a bit longer. The placement of the switch also is undesirable. Cleaning the crusher destemmer worked well. I …

  • Destemmers And Crushers

    Destemmer Crusher 38-45 ton/h. View Details → Add to your wishlist. Diemme. Destemmer Crusher Kappa 90. Destemmer Crusher 75 - 90ton/h. View Details → Add to your wishlist. Diemme. Open Grape Crusher. Open Grape - New Crushing System. View Details → Share a few details with us ...

  • Destemmers

    Home Products Wine making equipment Destemmers and crushersDestemmers. Destemmers . Description. GAMMA 15 - 25 - 40. With the range Gamma, we are sure that this semicentrifugal destemmer is the simplest and most convenient as far as working, maintenance, durability and it is the most productive of its kind.

  • High Quality Grape Crusher Destemmer For Commercial Winery

    Grape Crusher Destemmer Machine Introduction. This grape crusher destemmer machine is specially used for the winery to process the fresh grapes, absorbing France and Italy technology. It can separate grapefruit from the stalk, remove the stem, crush and convey grapefruit pulp, ideal equipment for the small and medium-sized winery.

  • Motorized Stainless Steel Crusher/Destemmer

    Perfect for small-mid size commercial wineries, or home winemakers that have a lot of grapes to process, our motorized crusher destemmer units can process up 3000 lbs. in an hour. These crusher destemmers operate similarly to their manual counterparts, but are driven by a powerful 110V 1HP motor which provides automatic and hands free operation. This unit is made of all Stainless Steel which ...

  • Destemmer

    W15 Destemmer. The AMOS Destemmer works continuously and is suitable for all grape varieties, harvested mechanically or by hand. The destemmer is constructed entirely of Stainless steel. The toothed roller and the basket are driven by an electronic speed variator unit. Its solid Stainless steel construction ensure reliability and long life.

  • G R E C O store

    All the grape crushers/destemmers have adjustable rollers for regulating the pressing action on grapes during the operation. ENO 15, ARES 15 (motorized or manual) must be put on a large plastic container where wine must will fall down. ZETA 20/A, GAMMA 25, JOLLY 20/AR, etc. are provided with pump for transferring the must in containers for the ...

  • Destemmers Archives

    Cingano Crusher/ Destemmer – B000720 . Quick View Price Enquiry . CME Stem Shredder – B000719 . Quick View. Price Enquiry . Enoveneta Destemmer – B000546 . Quick View. Price Enquiry . Pellenc – Selectiv Process M Destemmer & Extractiv Rolling Crusher – B000714 ...

  • Crushers and Destemmers

    Crusher Destemmer S/S Electric 80 L Feeder Augor Hopper Rubber Rollers - Baesso . $1,950.00. Add to Cart. Crusher Destemmer S/S Electric 1hp - 80kg Feeder Auger Hopper Nylon Rollers - Grifo . $1,750.00. Out of stock. Crusher Apple Electric S/S Cylinder Slicer 800kg / hr 1.5hp - Beasso ...

  • Grape Destemmer Crusher Machine for Wine Making

    Grape destemmer crusher machine is the ideal pre-processing equipment for winemaking industry. This machine can separate grapefruit and stem, clean the stem, crush the grape and send the grape pulp for further processing. The whole machine is made of stainless steel materials, and machine models are available for customers to choose which ...

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