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  • MZA/K Series Circular Vibrating ScreenMZA/K Series Circular Vibrating Screen
  • Legion XXIV

     · Most items of Roman military equipment were decorated to some degree, but it is the pugio scabbard that the individual soldier paid most attention to. The amount and nature of this decoration appears to have been determined by the amount of money the legionary was prepared to pay, thus reflecting his pride and wealth.

  • Equipment

    Equipment Bundle Light Lights, like the gadget pictured above, were attached to equipment bundles to aid in locating them at night. This specimen comes from Sgt Ed Benecke of A/377th PFA Bn., and note the 3/4" web tape ties original to the piece. A closeup of the nameplate on the same light.

  • police

    police - police - Equipment and tactics: Police officers, whether plain-clothed or uniformed, carry a variety of equipment with them on service calls. Police in uniform carry much more equipment than those in plain clothes, and members of special operations teams, such as SWAT and crowd-control units, carry even more, sometimes including full body armour complete with helmet, leg pads, and shield.

  • A lot of goods and equipment was/were | WordReference Forums

     · -Equipment is an uncountable noun so never can be written with an ''s'' And if we use a were or was after it merely depends on the context as shown before blasita

  • Operating Room Equipment: The Complete Guide | Knowledge ...

     · The history of operating room equipment is expansive, and varies depending on the piece of equipment. Some of the earliest operating rooms, also known as operating theaters, were used in the early 1800s. Surgeries were performed during daylight hours as there was no electricity. Additionally, candles were often used for extra lighting. 1

  • Answering the Call: The Personal Equipment of a Civil War ...

    Individual load carrying equipment is designed to allow the Soldier to carry a basic load of ammunition, food, water, and first-aid gear. The exact make-up of this load varies from conflict to conflict. In more modern times the load has grown to include additional equipment such as gas masks, maps, compasses, and radios.

  • How to Use Was vs were Correctly – Grammarist

    For example: You were home last night.. The boys were in bed by ten o''clock.. They were asleep by eleven.. The use of were vs was can get a little murky in a few situations. The first situation is when using the phrases there were or there was order to use these terms correctly, you must identify the subject of the sentence and make sure that the subject and verb are in agreement.

  • military technology | Definition, History, Advances ...

    Military technology, range of weapons, equipment, structures, and vehicles used specifically for the purpose of fighting. It includes the knowledge required to construct such technology, to employ it in combat, and to repair and replenish it. Success in combat …

  • Appliances Timeline

    The technologies that created the 20th century''s laborsaving devices owe a huge debt to electrification, which brought light and power into the home. Then two major engineering innovations—resistance heating and small, efficient motors—led to electric stoves and irons, vacuum cleaners, washers, dryers, and dishwashers.

  • equipment | meaning of equipment in Longman Dictionary of ...

    • We were told to keep all our sports equipment in the lockers downstairs. • high technology equipment for policing and traffic control • In one case, a law passed last year required telephone companies to design their equipment to allow for wiretaps.

  • Scrap Heap of War: Billions in equipment being left behind ...

     · Ultimately, some 170 million pounds of vehicles, equipment and "white gear" -- that''s all the non-military stuff that contractors have been using, like furniture, generators, chemical toilets, air ...

  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

     · OEE definition. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is the measure of an asset''s performance compared to its full potential. It quantifies the utilization of manufacturing resources – specifically physical assets, time, and materials – during production to indicate any gaps between actual and ideal performance.. The term OEE was first used by Japanese maintenance consultant and …

  • [Grammar] all the equipment is or are

     · 599. all the equipment is or are. Question: All the equipment in the factory ''require or requires'' servicing. Although equipment is an uncountable noun, but I used ''require'' because of the presence of ''all''. However, the answer key says ''requires''. Please help me to understand the reason.

  • Baseball Equipment History | Epic Sports

    Baseball Equipment History Once called "the tools of ignorance" by major league catcher Herold "Muddy" Ruel in the 1920s, baseball equipment not only became an accepted part of the game, but necessary, saving players from serious injury to their hands, face, head, chest, and shins.

  • Historic Construction Company Project: Building the Hoover Dam

    Henry Kaiser and Warren Bechtel were experienced in road building. Word of the Hoover Dam project spread quickly, and Six Companies quickly received more than 2,400 job applications and over 12,000 letters of inquiry about jobs. This was during the Depression. Times were tough and many people desperately needed work.

  • the word "Equipment" (Singular/Plural ?) | The Grammar ...

     · Which sentences are correct and which ones are incorrect and why ? -these 3 equipment are always maintained. -These 3 pieces of equipment are always maintained. -Each equipment is checked before using it. -Each piece of equipment is checked before using it. -We have a set of 5 equipment which we don''t have their specific spare parts. --We have 5 equipment which we don''t …

  • Property, Plant, and Equipment (PP&E) Definition

    Property, plant, and equipment are tangible assets, meaning they are physical in nature or can be touched. The total value of PP&E can range from very low to extremely high compared to total assets.

  • Notes on Commissary Cooking and Equipment: 1861-1865 — …

    The most essential equipment for any camp cook was a cooking pot. In the vast majority of the photos large kettles were utilized. Frying pans often can be found in Civil War camps, but are often personal items. Large frying pans were used, but when cooking for so many, cooking pots seem preferred.

  • Early Punched Card Equipment, 1880

    The replacement of punched card equipment by stored-program electronic computers in the commercial market began when Remington Rand''s first UNIVAC was accepted by the Bureau of Census in March 1951 and three more UNIVACs were delivered to other organizations within eighteen months. IBM responded with its 700 series of computers.

  • Find Out How to Return Your Equipment

     · Pack up the equipment you''re sending back to us. Attach the prepaid shipping label to the return kit. Give the kit to your mail carrier or drop it off at a post office. If we include a prepaid label in your new equipment''s box. Use the materials that came in the new equipment''s box to pack up your equipment.

  • grammatical number

     · If part of them were there, then to a fine of such a part of the twenty shillings, as the articles of his arms and equipments absent were in proportion to the whole articles required: which proportion, from the nature of the equipments, it must have been difficult to ascertain. But the justice was bound to exercise his discretion.

  • Is it correct to write ''all were'' or ''all was''?

    Both are fine in the right context. "The relatives got there first, and all were seated quickly." In that case "all" is a plural set of people and thus the plural form "were" is used for subject-verb agreement. * But what if you had a bunch of squ...

  • Which is correct: ''all equipment are listed…'' or ''all ...

    As Billy Kerry has stated, "equipment" is an uncountable noun. Countable nouns can be singular or plural, and the verb must agree with them. In the case of uncountable nouns, they are treated as singular countable nouns. Thus, they carry a singula...

  • Equipment

    Equipment - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary

  • Weapons and Tools of the Native American Indians

    Many products were ruined before they were finished, because flint breaks so easily. STUNNER ARROWHEAD . The stunner is a type of arrowhead. Mr. Dudney said the stunner was used to stun an animal that the hunter did not want to kill. Some tribes did …

  • equipment is/are | Antimoon Forum

     · The enemy were showing up in groups of three or four to turn in their weapons. 2. You say the sentence "the wages of sin is death" is ungrammatical in modern English, but I say that so long as we consider "wages" a collective noun, the sentence is perfectly grammatical.

  • Uniforms & Equipment of the Japanese Footsoldier -

    The ''Hetai'', as the Emperor''s footsoldier was known, confronted the Allied forces in the Pacific theatre.At the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and her subsequent entry into the war against the Allies, the Japanese infantryman was equipped with a kit which had benefited from prolonged field experience in Manchuria and China.

  • History of Gymnastics Equipment | Healthy Living

    History of Gymnastics Equipment. Invented in Ancient Greece, gymnastics originally included dozens of activities that focused on strengthening both the body and the mind. Modern artistic gymnastics emerged in the 1800s and became a men''s Olympic sport in 1896. Individual women''s events were added in 1952, but ...

  • Which is correct

     · All the equipment has been oiled is correct. Equipment is a singular collective noun. Compare ''All the luggage has been packed'', not ''All the luggage have been packed''.

  • [Grammar] all the equipment is/are

     · Current Location: Singapore. Join Date. Nov 2014. Posts. 599. all the equipment is/are. All the equipment is/are being relocated now. I think the answer is ''is'' because the word ''equipment'' is an uncountable noun.

  • The History of Heavy Equipment: A Timeline of the Industry

     · The 1950s were also a great time for the heavy machinery and construction industries because of the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, signed into law by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The law resulted in the construction of the interstate highway system as we know it today.

  • Popular Fitness Equipment Then and Now | Shape

     · Then: All-in-One Home Gyms. Chuck Norris'' Total Gym, The Bowflex, and anything starring Tony Little were huge hits because they promised a strength and aerobic workout all in one. People shelled out thousands of dollars for elaborate machines that often ended up as sweater drying racks in the basement. 10 of 15.

  • gar003, Chapter 3 Systems Design: Job-Order Costing

    Cash dividends were $7. The company sold equipment for $18 that was originally purchased for $8 and that had accumulated depreciation of $6. The net cash provided by (used by) operations for the year was: A) $34. B) $35. C) $50. D) $41. Level: Medium LO: 2,4 Ans: A 84. (Appendix) The most recent balance sheet and income statement of Dallavalle ...

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