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  • The Solution On The Faults of Apron Feeder

     · Here, the apron feeder''s fault solution will be introduced. The relative rotation between the transmission shaft of the apron feeder and the hollow shaft of the reduction box leads to the abrasion. Due to the long-running, metal material would produce metal fatigue, changing from elastic deformation to plastic deformation, so there is a gap ...

  • CF

    APRON FEEDER CF. The series CF apron feeder is used in the primary installation where there are big sizes. The machine is built with big thickness plates, so that to support hard and constant impacts during the activity. The trailer wheels, as well as the tracks and …

  • Apron feeder

    Mid-duty type:It is applied for materials with intencity not big than 2400kg/m3, lump weight not big than 300kg, temperature 0-400°C.Normally, the apron feeder width ranges in 500mm-1250mm; Heavy-duty type:It is applied for lumps in big size, whose size is not big than 60% of apron feeder width. The max installation slope is 15.

  • Apron feeder installation and management

     · Dead loads correspond to the self-weight of the apron feeder and any other hardware such as skirts, hoppers and chutes that may tie into the feeder frame. Live loads link to the dynamic loads caused by the material shear and torque being transmitted from the drive system (while operating and at the start up).

  • Welcome to Synergy Corporation

    Power Transmission equipments for Apron Feeder, Stackers & Conveyors. page. Contact Us. 01 Right Product. We represent leaders of Power Transmission equipments and offer best solutions to meet your Industrial needs. 02 Right Price.

  • Feeding the facts 1/3: Apron feeder basics

     · Normally, the optimal speed an apron feeder is 0.05 – 0.40 m/second (10–80 fpm). If the ores are non-abrasive, the speed can increase to above 0.30 m/second because there will be less wear. Higher speeds would hurt an operation. If your speed is too high, you run the risk of accelerated wear of components. Energy efficiency decreases due to ...

  • Apron Feeder | HAF

    An Apron Feeder Pan is bolted to each link of the tractor chain, and every second plate is equipped with a carrier that transports the material. The specific contour of the apron pans ensures that only a very small amount of material finds its way to the inside of the Apron Feeder. ... Power transmission via geared motor. Two sets of round link ...

  • Apron feeder gearbox_

    DT series apron feeder gearbox, we manufactured and specified designed for apron feeder driven unit, complete with all kinds and variety of specifications feeder. Depending on its construction and the ratio can be divided into 6 types of specifications and 9 kinds of transmission ratio, available for all kinds and various apron feeders.


    Apron feeders are used for transportation of loose and highly abrasive materials in the production lines of metallurgical, mining, ... transmission errors is shown at the right part of Fig. 2. The described results guarantee a noiseless work of the pair and absences

  • Apron feeder

    Apron feeders are built for reliability and performance in any duty needed in mining. With over 120 years experience in material feeding, Outotec has developed a global standard in apron feeders. With our robust design, our apron feeders are a truly economic and reliable material handling solution for increasing uptime and overall efficiency.

  • Apron feeder parts

    ''s apron feeder parts, upgrades, repairs and refurbishments can help you to achieve your aims with smoother operations. The details make the difference. Detailed drawings and accurate information on original specifications for your apron feeders make the big difference in guaranteeing proper design and fit. With additional capabilities ...

  • Apron Feeder

     · Learn more at -

  • Used Apron-feeders For Sale

    Inventory ID: 11C-EG02a. Model AF5 Apron Feeders, 1.8m x 8.5m (Approx. 72" Wide x 28'' Long)

  • Feeder Gears

    Feeder Gearbox Features & Benefits. Hollow shaft or flange output design. Power range up to 2500 kW. Transmission ratios from 100-2800. Nominal output torque up to 1200 kNm. Short lead times. Special torque arm design. Pump-fed lubrication unit. Low weight, compact, space -saving design.

  • Apron Feeders | MTC

    APRON FEEDER. Used for extracting material from storage hopper and delivering it at controlled rate to the down-stream conveyor system. Uses TSUBAKI make pin, bush & roller type chain with special attachments. Smaller pitch and precision construction of the chain ensures minimum noise and vibration. Pressed pans are bolted to the chain attachments.

  • Jaques D4 Apron Feeder

    Apron Feeder. Jaques® Apron Feeders use heavy-duty crawler tractor carrying rollers and chain, a fabricated support frame and high-strength steel head shafts and tail shafts. The lifetime of all parts is long, even under severe conditions, and maintenance requirements are low. Typical applications include primary hopper recovery, stockpile ...

  • Long-lasting Apron Feeder increases productivity I FL

    The Apron Feeder for mining showcases cast manganese steel aprons, SALT chain components and forged alloy steel main shafts. The impact loads are absorbed by a natural material bed on top of the feeder, and in combination with heavy duty impact beams in the feeding area, the Apron Feeder is designed to handle the toughest operational conditions.

  • The type and working principle of apron feeder

    Type of apron feeder Light apron feeder is a continuous feeding machine, suitable for short-distance conveying of bulk materials with the size below 160mm. It is widely used in mining, dressing plant, chemical industry, cement, building materials and other sectors for uniform and continuous feeding from storage bin to crushing, transportation and other machinery.

  • Apron feeders

    When sizing feeder drives, a major factor is the necessary starting torque. High shear force increases starting torque compared to running torque, often by more than on apron feeders and by at least 50-75% on belt feeders. If coarse ore and larger materials are …

  • APRON FEEDER | Elecon

    APRON FEEDER. Suitable for most robust applications and for absorbing heavy Impact Loads. ELECON has supplied appron feeders with capacity upto 3000 TPH and pan width upto 2.5 Meter. Documentation Product Enquiry Where to buy? They are of extremely rugged construction and are specifically designed to withstand the shock loading of large lumps ...

  • Feeding the facts 2/3: Proper sizing and selection of your ...

     · Apron feeders are a volumetric type feeder, which means bulk density is used to determine the speed and power (torque) needed to extract a certain tonnage per hour (tph) of material. The minimum bulk density is used to determine the speed and the maximum bulk density establishes the power (torque) needed for the feeder.

  • What is an Apron Feeder? (with pictures)

    An apron feeder is a large machine that carries materials through the parts of a manufacturing or industrial process. These machines resemble short conveyor belts, and may also be known as plate feeders or apron conveyors. Apron feeder machines allow engineers and process managers to automatically control the volume of materials that are added ...

  • Apron Feeders Support | McLanahan

    The maximum sag for Apron Feeder chains is 1.75" or 45mm. On horizontal installations, the sag will be between the return roller. On Apron Feeders inclined up to …

  • How to achieve the stable transmission of apron feeders

    The invention aims at overcoming the defects of the existing technology to provide a heavy-duty apron feeders that can realize a smooth transmission, so that it can effectively solve the problems of shock vibration and off-track running of the chain belt in the transmission process, reduce the wear of the chain belt, prolong the operation cycle and improve the production efficiency of the ...

  • Minerals Processing Systems D SERIES APRON …

    Checklist for Purchasing an Apron Feeder ® Jaques Apron Feeders Why it matters Complete range, with capacities to 14,500 tph. Feeders available for any application. Standard SALT tractor chain and carrying rollers used. Very robust, low wear, low maintenance. Over 50 years experience in designing heavy-duty apron feeders for all applications.

  • Apron Feeder Pans | Cutting Edges

    Customised solutions. Our apron feeder pans are available to suit standard D4 – D11 track chains, however we can also build you a customised solution in our Australian manufacturing facility. Whether you want your apron feeder pans thicker, wider or with extra wear materials, our R&D team will design the perfect solution that saves you money.

  • Apron Feeders | McLanahan

    Apron Feeders are generally used as a primary or bin feeder application designed for varying applications, from light-duty to severe-duty, from low tonnage to high tonnage of material. They are the feeder of choice for reliability, high uptime and high returns on …

  • Improvement of car dumper apron feeders transport mechanism

    The conveying device of car dumper apron feeders consists of two sprockets and many chains. The supporting device located on the up-link transmission chain and chain plate is the upper supporting wheel, while the supporting device located on the down-link transmission chain and chain plate is the lower supporting wheel.

  • What are the advantages and components of the apron feeder ...

     · Apron Feeder manufacturers. The composition device of the apron feeder: The heavy-duty plate feeder is mainly composed of six parts: drive device, transmission shaft device, tension shaft device, chain plate device, various supporting wheels, and frame.

  • Apron feeder gearbox drive planetary

     · The apron feeder is divided into a light apron feeder, a medium apron feeder, a heavy apron feeder and a new belt apron feeder. The conveying properties of various types of plate feeders are as follows: ... The head drive device is the power and transmission part of the heavy-duty plate feeder. It consists of a motor, a reducer and an active ...

  • Apron Feeders, Apron Feeder Manufacture, Apron Feeder ...

    Apron Feeders are designed and manufactured to handle heavy, lumpy and abrasive materials. Its main function is to prevent surge loads to primary crushers, belt conveyors and other equipment. Apron Feeder consists of drive wheel device, tail wheel tension device,pan- chain device and transmission …

  • CN103832782B

    A kind of apron feeder, belongs to mining machinery technical field prise base, crossbeam, chain rail wheel stand, chain rail guide wheel and the raw mineral materials conveying mechanism matched with chain rail guide wheel, feature: be arranged on the crossbeam on the top of base with space state using two pieces of crossbeams as a combination, base is fixed with crossbeam limitting casing ...

  • Conveying Equipment Apron Feeders

    Rexnord Apron Feeders, with their continuous apron of overlapping pans, provide protection against damaging impact of free-falling heavy materials when feeding belt conveyors, screens, crushers and other material handling equipment. Prevent flooding Rexnord Apron Feeders are the solution to flooding problems by regulating delivery of material. They

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